James Schombert v7.0

Department of Physics
University of Oregon
461 Willamette Hall
Eugene, OR 97403
(541) 346-5214

Prof. Schombert is an observational astronomer whose research focuses upon galaxy evolution and formation, as well as topics in cosmology. His recent efforts have involved the star formation history of low surface brightness galaxies, the structure of ellipticals and the baryonic Tully-Fisher relation (a MOND project). In 1995, he discovered a new type of galaxy called a dwarf spiral. His only claim to fame is having published at least one paper on a topic that covered every known wavelength.

Paroled from NASA/JPL, Dr. Schombert has been an academic at the UOregon since 1996. When not teaching astronomy or volleyball, he can be found in his office. He has no hobbies nor personal life. His career goal is to become a philosopher-king and to evolve beyond the need for a material body.

My most recent projects involves efforts to develop e-science under the National Virtual Observatory (VAO, now the NAVO).

I am also an Affiliated Faculty with the Honors College, where they let me teach philosophy of science courses from a science perspective.

My political doctrine is well-known, click here for a lengthy description. I have often been called the Angriest Astronomer in the the World.


PSS-II Dwarfs
Dwarf Spirals
H-alpha LSB's
Spitzer LSB's
Elliptical Colors

List of all Schombert papers(arXiv/astro-ph server)

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AST121: The Solar System
AST122: The Birth, Death and Destruction of Stars
AST123: Galaxies and the Expanding Universe
Cosmology(Honors College Seminar)
21st Century Science (Honors College Science)
The History of Space Flight (Honors College Seminar)


NVO: LSB Universe
Philosophy of Science
Science in the Greek World
Galaxy Cannibalism
Black Holes/Wormholes
Special and General Relativity
Geometry of the Universe
Extragalactic Astronomy
Age of the Earth
Early Universe Primer
Gamma Ray Bursts
Galaxy Ages and Metallicities
Galaxy Evolution
Quantum Gravity
Dark Matter
Origin of Life
Cosmology 101
Quantum Computing

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