Here are the mechanics of the on-line exam for ASTR122. Please read them carefully.

The 3rd exam will take place between noon and 3pm PST on Thursday, Mar 11th. You *must* take the exam during those hours. If you are ill, contact me and we will arrange a different exam (probably an interactive zoom oral exam). The exam is timed and will be 120 minutes in length. You *must* start the exam between noon and 3pm. Failure to comply with these instructions will result in an automatic 'F' for the exam.

The exam is 100 multiple choice questions covering lectures 9 to 16. When you start the exam you will be presented with 100 buttons, red are unanswered, green are completed. Select your answer and push submit (or skip). You can return to any question, at any time within the 120 minutes to change your answer. The amount of time left is displayed in the exam page. When it runs out, the exam will stop, your answers are recorded, no more answers will be accepted. If something goes wrong during the exam, simply go back to the starting link (below) and re-start, all your previous answers are stored. There is no submit button when you are finished, the exam just times out, all keystrokes are recorded.

The exam is open book/notes. You may use any resource from your computer. However, you may not work in groups. The exam must represent your work and only your work, not a group.

While 120 minutes seems like a long time, it will not be sufficient to look-up each question. You will run out of time and unanswered questions count as zero. I urge you to study as you would for a regular exam and not place faith in your ability to google answers quickly. The questions are constructed based on information in the lectures, in the readings, in the quizzes and the audio lectures. With 100 questions, every topic will be covered from the course lectures 1 to 8.

The link to the exam webpage is