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Astronomy 123: Galaxies and the Expanding Universe


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Week 01:
  1. Ancient Cosmology
  2. Medieval Cosmology
  3. Newtonian Cosmology
Week 02:
  1. Atomic Theory
  2. Clockwork Universe
  3. Quantum Physics
Week 03:
  1. Elementary Particles
  2. Relativity
  3. Mass/Energy Equivalence
Oct 21th: Exam #1
Week 04:
  1. Milky Way
Week 05:
  1. Hubble Sequence
  2. Quasars
  3. Distance Scale
Week 06:
  1. Creation
  2. Geometry of the Universe
  3. Dark Matter/Dark Energy
Nov 11th: Exam #2
Week 07:
  1. Early Universe
  2. Inflation
Week 08:
  1. Anthropic Principle
  2. Baryongenesis
  3. Nucleosynthesis
  4. Neutrinos
Week 09:
  1. Cosmic Background
  2. Large Scale Structure
Week 10:
  1. Galaxy Formation
  2. Fate of the Universe
New Date: Dec 02nd: Exam #3


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The background graphic of these pages is from a chart in Johannes Kepler's 1606 celestial atlas entitled De Stella Nova.

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