Copyright Regulations for All Schombert Web Pages

These pages are intended for the education of UOregon undergraduates. A majority of the figures are taken from NASA web sites, various educational web sites or scanned from the textbooks used in the course. In general, I do not own nor desire the copyright of most of the figures. Since this web site is open to the Net, the public is free to view and educate themselves. Please do *not* write me asking for permission to figure X or page Y. Odds are I do not own the original image and can not grant you permission.

Why am I not in violation of copyright laws with these web pages? The laws are unclear at the present time, however, I consider these pages to be covered by Fair Use standards, i.e. the use of an image here has the same impact as xeroxing a copy for an overhead projector (like we used to do in the `old' days before the Net). If you disagree with this interpretation of the Fair Use standard, then please go someplace else to obtain your science information. I do not make a `profit' from these web pages, so I do not see myself in violation of copyright protection.