1. What is the Planck time? Why do we have so little understanding of the origin of the Universe?
  2. Sketch the unification diagram marking all the symmetry breaking points. What occurred at the 1st symmetry breaking point?
  3. What is the spacetime foam era? What is the problem with this era in terms of the production of mini-blackholes? How is this resolved by Hawking radiation?
  4. Why is symmetry so important in cosmology? What is symmetry breaking?
  5. What is the flatness and horizon problems? How does inflation resolve these problems?
  6. Describe the equilibrium between matter and energy.
  7. Describe runaway quark production.
  8. Describe the differences between high and low mass matter particles in terms of energy needed to generated, stability and resistance to destruction.
  9. What is the paradox concerning baryongenesis as express by the baryon number? How is this resolved by CP violation?
  10. Describe nucleosynthesis.
  11. Describe how the abundance of light elements reflects the density of baryonic matter.
  12. What is the origin of the cosmic microwave background?
  13. What is the steady state model? How does the CMB disprove the steady state theory?
  14. What is the Anthropic Principle?
  15. How is the Anthropic Principle resolved by inflation?
  16. What is entropy and how does it relate to the fate of the Universe?
  17. Describe the four final eras of the Universe.
  18. What is Fermi's Paradox?