Here is our Eugene Home

Below is where our beloved Eugene Elmeralds baseball team plays. They are awful, but the stadium is nice. This is the view towards home plate (north).

Same field, looking northeast. Buttes in the distance. The tall buildings mark where the University is.

These are the Amazon Hills running along the east side of town.

This is Spener's Butte, the view from our home if there weren't a billion trees in the way.

This is the dinner room of our home. Notice the generous supply of liquor.

This is the bathroom. Its not obvious, but the clock runs backwards.

This is the east wall, stairs down to garage. Books and pictures next to the fireplace.

North side of living room with stairs.

This is the living room. Dinning room is slightly to the right. You are facing south.

West side of living room. Kitchen is on the other side of the wall.

South side of bedroom.

North and east side of bedroom.