ARCHANGEL: Downloads

The main package is contained in the following tarball:

archangel_v3.1.tar.gz (acutally email me for the newest tarball, its changes a lot)

Expand and follow the directions in the README file (typically this will simply be to execute a "python build" command).

If you need more detailed instructions on building the numarray, pyfits and cfitsio packages needed for ARCHANGEL, please email me.

ARCHANGEL has been tested on several current OS's (RedHat Linux, Ubuntu Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X). The main routines are written in Python and FORTRAN, therefore, a current installation of Python (2.3 or higher) and a FORTRAN compiler are required. In addition, the package requires the pyfits module (available from STScI's PyRAF project), numpy and CFITSIO (available from GSFC's website or below), both necessary to read and write FITS image files.

The graphics portion of ARCHANGEL now uses matplotlib. So you need to install that package and the python hooks to use graphics.

Several people have noted that the current CFITSIO from GSFC has issues with Intel Macs. Here is a working copying that compiles on Mac PowerPC/Intel.


We used to use numarray. I don't think any of the current modules use numarray, but if you get that error, here is the package to install (please email me which module is failing so I can update it to numpy).